How MBA Grads Can Start Careers in International Commerce

Here is a piece of great news for graduates with a MBA – there is no need to confine your career options to the public and private sectors of your country. You have the option of pursuing a career in the exciting field of International Commerce.

International Commerce is a growing field that involves the buying and selling of goods between sovereign nations. There are several promising career options available in this field.

Career Options

Here are some career fields for you to choose from that are available in the area of international commerce.

Business Management

This field involves all the areas associated with managing a company. These activities include planning, organizing, monitoring, and leading out. If you choose this career path, you will be overseeing all the activities of a business or several business that involve trades between businesses in several countries.

Management Analyst

Often referred to as management consultants, management analysts study businesses and suggest ways in which they can improve their effectiveness. They mainly focus on increasing profits while cutting production costs. Management analysts are important as they identify and fix counterproductive factors.


This area of international commerce deals with all the activities leading up to the buying and selling of goods and services. These activities include advertising, planning promotions, selling, and delivering. This area requires an in-depth understanding of the way of life of the people in the country you’re doing business in.

Technical Consulting

In this technological age, the demand for technical consultants is high. This area of international commerce deals with taking care of all the technical needs of a business.


How to start a career in International Commerce

In order for you to stay relevant in an incredible and competitive job market, there are certain steps you should take to stand out. Since you have already taken one of the biggest steps in your effort to get noticed, everything else from now on is just baby steps.

Here are some tips and hints that will help you on your journey to having a successful career in international commerce.

Brighten your prospects by:

  • Volunteering

Apart from altruistic benefits, there are several perks associated with volunteering. Some of these include:

  1. Being able to expand your professional network. Volunteering gives you the chance to meet and network with experts in your field, thus giving you the opportunity to seek career advice and find out about potential jobs. This is a good way to get a great reference from the person supervising you.
  2. It gives you first-hand training that can be transferred to your future job, strengthening your confidence when the time comes.
  3. It helps you explore as many career options as you like without the necessity of commitment.
  4. It looks good on your resume – it can work as a form of work experience although it is a non-paying job.
  5. There is a strong possibility of getting hired by the very company you volunteered with.
  • Learning at least one other language

The ability to communicate in multiple languages is a sensible way of boosting your chances of landing your dream position in international commerce. Research conducted by a language expert suggests that individuals who speak a second language are more likely to receive a 10-15 percent pay increase than their counterparts who do not.

Learning another language will help you improve your chances of getting the job and aid you in communicating more effectively with people from other countries once you do get land the job.

  • Networking

Make full use of every opportunity to network with as many people as possible. This is one of the most promising methods of getting guidance, meeting the right people, and eventually starting a promising career.

  • Taking local jobs for experience

Although it may not be the ideal job you are looking for, make use of every opportunity to gain experience. Experience plays a major role in getting hired. As a matter of fact, some employers value experience so much that they see it as even more important than education. Therefore, graduates with work experience are more likely to be hired.

Additionally, work experience gives you the opportunity to get a real sense of a particular industry. Added to that is the fact that employers value applicants with experience, since it is less costly to train them.

Make connections with:


  • International Chamber Of Commerce – ICC


This is the most important of all connections in the international commerce world; it is the largest and most diversified business organization in the world. With hundreds of thousands of companies located in over 130 countries, this organization includes anybody who is relevant in the business arena. This prestigious organization is closely linked to the United Nations, World Trade Organization, and many other international agencies.

  • Individual Companies

Reach out to other companies that may be hiring. Ensure your resume is of a high quality. If you think you cannot create a resume that is good enough on your own, pay a professional to create an impressive one for you.

A MBA will go a long way in helping you kickstart your career in international commerce – the rest is up to you. Think big, believe in yourself, and give it your best shot.

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